McManus Estate Planning LLC

Plan now to protect your family’s future and you’ll be able to face life’s uncertainties with the knowledge that your loved ones and all that you’ve worked for will be taken care of.

Creating an estate plan is not just for the very wealthy. If you have assets, a business, or children, having an estate plan in place will give you peace of mind, no matter what the future holds. McManus Estate Planning LLC specializes in all aspects of estate planning.

An estate plan can help you to protect your assets from the probate administration process, making it easier on the loved ones left behind; minimize estate taxes; name one or more persons to take care of your financial affairs should you become incapacitated, and give them the legal power to act on your behalf; name one or more persons to make health care decisions for you if you cannot make them yourself and give them the legal power to act on your behalf; ensure that your minor children will have a guardian and financial support if something happens to you; maintain the value of your family business if you are unable to run it, and provide for succession in management; to assist your aging parents as they prepare for the future.

Use this checklist to learn about the different aspects of creating an estate plan and to keep track of the process. Click on each title to read about your choices and about the help McManus Estate Planning LLC can provide.